First CSPO course! I mean, a public one…


I’m holding a CSPO course in June, on 10th – 11th June (that’s Thursday and Friday). I’ve done several private ones and I’m curious to see if there is interest for a public one. So if you are in a position responsible for product development activities or a customer buying Agile projects, this course is for you.

CSPO courses are funny in a sense. In a perfect world, they would not be needed. In a perfect world, every ScrumMaster would have the knowledge, experience and skill to train the PO’s in their projects or organizations. Given the many people I’ve had in my PO courses, I can testify that we are not living in a perfect world (… obviously there are many other reasons for that assessment, too… ). Therefore I’m hoping I will be able to help individuals and organizations in their adoption of Scrum and Agility, and give many ScrumMasters some help in getting their projects working :).

For more information on the course, check out this link:

To sign up, just send me email to

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