Plenty of Action This Year


I haven’t been writing much of late. “Late” meaning “for several years”. Life has taken over – I’ve been busy enough with work, home and family – and I’ve not really been able to take the time to write. I’ve been focusing my work activities on doing great trainings.

And I will not promise to return to more active writing :). But I will try. During the years I’ve learned so many new and great ideas that it would be great to share them in a written format (and not just on my courses).

However, before I get to any of that, I do want to share something I’m very excited about. This year, I’m working with various people to organise a couple of very exciting trainings.

First one in line is my first public Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course in Finland for ages. I think the previous one was sometime in 2010 or 2011. I’m working with Teemu Hyyryläinen (from Solita) who will be co-training with me. The course is in March 19-20, in Helsinki. You can check out the details here.

But CSM isn’t the most exciting thing – the two other courses are. I mean, I’m rather proud of my CSM courses, but I do them all the time.

The first of the two really exciting ones is the Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL1) course with Olaf Lewitz, Arto Eskelinen and Sami Lilja. CAL1 is a new certification* from Scrum Alliance and focuses, obviously, on the leadership aspect of Agile. So if you struggle with leading Agile teams or wonder what might be good Agile organisation structures, you might find this course interesting.

The CAL1 course will be in May 16-17 in Helsinki. The information and signup is here.

The second really exciting course is a Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP) course I’m organising with Wolfgang Richter in August 28-30, in Helsinki. Wolfgang has been working with many organisations in Austria and globally to help them organise their larger development groups, and in this course he will share many of the lessons he’s learned. So those of you who want to get multiple teams working together in an Agile way, this is exactly what you need (even if you don’t use LeSS as a scaling framework).

We will create a signup and information page once more of the details are ironed out. If you want to reserve a seat already, please simply send me an email to

And last, I was this > < close to organising a Mobile Game Development CSM with Clinton Keith last November. We just couldn’t make the dates match. If you would like to me resurrect this idea and try to make it happen this year, please do let me know, either in comments or by sending me email.


Best regards, Petri

* Although, it’s not the certification that’s important; it’s what you learn on the course. The certification is just a recognition that you’ve taken serious effort to educate yourself in an Agile topic.

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